Summer Camps

The Summer Camp is SYA's largest event of the year with over 350 participants ranging from young kids, teens, adults & elderly … This is a family camp for everyone!


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The famous SYA summer youth camp is returning again for its 20th time running. Held at the Sydney Academy of Sports and Recreation in Narrabeen, summer camp is the perfect opportunity to make new friends and have fun, while also having the ability to immerse yourselves in knowledge and understanding of Sikhism and be able to grow spiritually. Our youth camps have been described as “The most exciting, educational and enjoyable experience”. Each year we are blessed with outstanding facilitators from all around the world who educate and inspire our youth in an interactive, fun and relaxed learning environment. The summer camps are not all day Gurdwara and Lecture sessions, as there are recreational activities every afternoon, including sailing, archery, swimming as well as a special project for each group to complete over the duration of the camp. At SYA summer youth camps, every participant will learn skills and values such as teamwork, leadership and respect for others. By the end of the camp each participant, no matter how young or old, will leave with at least one thing they didn’t have before they arrived, whether they have learnt something new about Sikhism, made new friends or discovered something about themselves.


Volunteers begin preparation months in advance and are involved with various tasks to execute the event. These include marketing, curriculum development, program development, logistics, transport, facilitator selection and briefing, attendee engagement, online operations, administration, Jatha leader selection, training and support. From start to finish volunteers are engaged across various functions to ensure the event is successfully executed.