Sikh To Give

Sikh to Give (S2G) is a charity team established in 2012 as an initiative of Sikh Youth Australia, to support the underprivileged within the wider Australian community. S2G is not-for-profit and run by young Sikhs to not only provide self-less service (Sewa) to the community, but also to encourage other Sikh youth to take the initiative and give back.


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Sikh to Give’s mission and main objective is to organise and run charitable events to assist underprivileged and disadvantaged women in Sydney. Our projects and initiatives are aligned with Sikh principles of sharing, selfless service, and contributing to our wider community. S2G collect pre-loved traditional Indian attire and accessories from within the community as a form of recycling and self-funding. These items are then sold at markets to raise funds for various charitable projects.


S2G volunteers assist with the gathering and sorting of pre-loved clothes as well as volunteering their time at the market stalls to sell the pre-loved clothing. Volunteers also have the opportunity to assist with sourcing charities in need, getting in touch with them to facilitate fund raising drives and other initiatives.