Filled with heaps of fun, learning and adventure, Mighty Khalsa Fun Day is a must go to for all kids aged 3 and above! Whether it’s getting to know more about Sikhi, or taking part in some exciting activities, it’s a day for all Mighties to remember!


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Mighty Khalsa Fun Day is a great opportunity for kids to gain a greater spiritual knowledge and learn more about what it really means to be a Sikh, as well as use this to give back to the community to get involved in Sewa, Kirtan and much more. Be sure not to miss out! The day consists of a wide range of activities that will keep your kids inspired and entertained such as Sikhi workshops with arts & crafts, singing along with blissful Kirtan, playing various awesome sports, making many new friends, having some food & drinks and much more. With all this comes our friendly team of Sewadars and mentors to give your child the most awesome and fun experience that they will never forget!


Mighty Khalsa Fun Days are for some of our volunteers the most rewarding and fun part of being an SYA volunteer. Volunteers are involved with liaising with local Gurudwaras, marketing, program and content development. SYA volunteers run Mighty Khalsa Fun Days across 4 states NSW, VIC, WA and ACT. Volunteers are given the opportunity to share our rich heritage and religion with our Mighty Khalsae in a fun and engaging environment.