Global Tours

Throughout the year, Sikh Youth Australia hosts Tours around Australia & Globally for the broader Sikh Community. These include: Kirtan Tours, Book Launches, and Music & Art Initiatives.


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These Global Tours, mainly centralised in Australia, are the perfect opportunity to immerse yourselves in the knowledge and understanding of Sikhism and to grow spiritually. You will definitely take something away from these tours no matter which stage in life you are at! From Kirtan Satsang Tours to Music & Art Initiatives, there is something for every one of all ages! Each year Sikh Youth Australia is grateful for the outstanding facilitators from all around the world who tour around the Asia-Pacific and inspire our Sikh Community in a safe and inclusive environment. At the end of attending the tour each attendee will leave having learnt something new about Sikhism or discovering something about themselves.


Volunteers are always needed to assist in logistics of the respective tours that SYA manages. Volunteers begin preparation weeks in advance and are involved in tasks that are critical to the success of the event. These include marketing, curriculum development, program development, logistics, transport, facilitator selection and briefing, attendee engagement, online operations, administration and general support. From start to finish volunteers are engaged across the tour to ensure the event(s) are successfully executed.